Bienvenue dans mon Univers

Bienvenue dans mon Univers







"Victor Molev has creatively fulfilled himself as a painter, a graphic artist, a scene designer and a decorator, an architect. But his major activity is still easel painting to which he devotes so much time and effort.


His painting has not appeared spontaneously, it is the result of accumulated knowledge and experience making the foundation of his creative activities.


It is rather difficult to describe all the versatility of his painting gamut on pages of a catalogue. It is focused on genre paintings, fancy compositions reflecting peculiarity of plots and images and their unconventional interpretation.


The paintings show sonority and garishness of colors, exquisite ornamentality, flexibility of forms, grotesque. They are also full of symbols.


On the background of some fancy landscape with notional architectural structures wonderful fabulous characters live and act - outlandish animals and birds emanating warmth and kindness, colored with light humor.


The painters close attention to domestic articles, garments, accessories manifests itself through elaborate graphical draughtmanship and is based on delicate tints.


Molev has created his own artistic language of symbols, signs, original effects making his works unique and recognizable.


The series of enigmatic portraits in which the evident meaning blends into the hidden one, setting eye-catches occupy the special place.Thus we suddenly recognize A.


Chekhov in the plain landscape surrounded by naked trees and see the face of Albert Einstein in randomly scattered chess. Mona Liza, Beatles and many other celebrities are undergoing transformations.


The new works of the previous years - Snail, - are the evidences of the painters permanent creative search. V. Molev's art attracts many admirers and leaves no one indifferent."

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